About TIC

Talent Innovation Company TIC is a Saudi company specialized in business outsourcing services including outsourcing of human resources management, administrative consultation, and training. Founded in 1992, TIC has earned many customers’ confidence by working steadily in various fields as a responsible provider of outsourcing operations services.

More than three decades of experience in generating evolutionary inclusive solutions and securing the needed tools such as: the skills and the renewable infrastructure. Our approach enhances High productivity and creativity.

TIC’s main priority is working as a team player since we have the solid experience and crucial skills needed to generate the finest services and solutions. Moreover, TIC adopts a go-getter attitude to motivate the members implementing the operations.

TIC’s Main Priority Is To Be an Integral Part of Your Team and Operation

Our Vision

Acknowledged as first-class company in the outsourcing industry.

Our Mission

Enabling our customers to gain the intended outcomes and grow their business through our specialized high-quality services.

Why ITC?

  • Significant presence in large cities
  • Perpetual progress and development
  • Swift customer service
  • Proficient team
  • Collaborative attitude of the team to assist the customers.
  • Utilizing the most cutting-edge digital solution in business management

Our Values







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